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Recently Banner posted up a story and a request for DIY drying solutions, well, I just so happen to do make one recently. I meant to make a bit of a how to when I made this, but when you go at stuff half cocked you tend to forget some things. So I don’t have any progress photos, just some of it in use. I’m providing a few links at the bottom for some of the things I used, and some potential replacements for some of the material.

What I’ve got here is a 40 gallon craftsman tote with a clamp-able lid, I’m sure any tote that has a flat side and a clamping lid would work, but you might have to source different shelving.

The basic principle here is to provide a constant airflow over your harvest while being able to regulate the humidity in a closed environment.

I’ve created a circular airflow from top to bottom with push-pull fans. 2 at the top flow in one direction and the 2 at the bottom the opposite. These are simple 120mm fans with USB power connectors, 4 on the inside are on constant power, the 2 in the lid are linked to the humidity controller.

Basically I used a piece of alucobond I had as scrap (this is a PVC core, aluminum sandwich) fairly light and stiff, I cut it to the trapezoid shape of the box and used some L-shaped aluminum I bent and riveted to the box for guide rails so I can take the panel in and out if need be. Any rigid thing board should work since the fans aren’t heavy, hardboard for instance, pegboard or wall paneling. Aluminum angle is also available at most hardware stores.

The top fans are set to kick on when the humidity reaches 65% and pulls outside air through the filtered holes on the sides until it reaches 61%. I know this method would only work if your room RH is lower than your ideal drying range, but I think most people looking for a solution like this already have that going on.

Back here on the back I made a lid stand out of some bent aluminum sheeting (yeah I know some of this might be hard to come by… lid stand optional?)Just wanted to be able to set this thing to the side without having to lay it down.

There is enough room in this for 5 shelves per side, I’ve not had enough grown at one time to fill it yet (never mind the larf in the picture), but I’m figuring you could dry about a pound in this thing or better depending on how you trim your bud.

Humidity sensor hangs out at the bottom where the heaviest air would be.

A little cable management and some simple carbon sheeting you can get for any number of room air filters over all the holes, dunno how much it helps, but it does some, hell I’m nose blind to this shit anyway.

as far as the guidelines go:
Can be setup and taken down easily – pull the shelves out and the fan
board and you basically got an empty tote.
Doesn’t need a ton of power outlets – one plug
Quiet – Computer fans.
Able to control temp / humidity – checkish.
Not as expensive as setting up another full grow tent with the usual
fans, humidifier, etc. – check.