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Good day DGC,  This is my DIY drying cabinet, I thought I should share this with you all.  I dry in my flowering room but that comes with a problem. The humidity is to low and the light burns off terps.  I pick up one of those wire shelving units, 4 shelves 6 foot unit from Canadian Tire.  I rapped 3 sides and the top with trash bags, contractor type, nice and thick.  It is held in place with foil duct tape.  I used the same bags on the front but made it so I can open the top and bottom separately, helps to adjust air flow.  Landscape fabric is then draped over the front as air can pass through and not to much light.  So if I have the top open for air movement, the landscape fabric will allow air movement but stop some light. This keeps temps around 78f and humidity around 55-60% .  The hooks are made from 14-2 house wire.  With lots of air movement in the room it works perfectly.

Peace love and pot, dank day all