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Just wanted to share a grow hack. I’m not the creator so can only take so much credit, but threw this together this weekend once all my supplies showed up from amazon.

265 gph pump

20 gallon Brute trash can

Brute trac=sh can base/dolly with wheels

black and decker 36″ watering wand

25′ coiled garden watering hose.

Pretty straight forward, I don’t think I need to post instructions, but long story short, pump in barrel connected to garden hose with a few home depot plumbing fittings. I cut a hole in the lid for the hose and power cord to pass through and done.

The wand has a trigger handle which is huge so you have water as you need it and not when you don’t by having a valve in the wand.

my 9 plant scrog is all lollipopped so I have the ability to now stand upright and water all nine pots with ease! NO MORE BACK PAIN!

Figured I’d share

BostonBAKEDbeans – DGC