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Hey just wanted to post in and say I love the channel, I’ve learned a lot. I wanted to try out my first grow and decided to build my own box, and the Home Depot idea seemed fun. So I  wanted to show off my DIY Home Depot Grow Box. It’s build consists of 2 38g hdx totes to make a top and bottom. Giving me 3.7 sq feet of room and about 9 cubic feet total space. I drilled holes on the top and added 6 30w par 38 feit electric selectable bulbs and 2 17 watt 20 par selectable bulbs( 214 total watts) I have 4 3” computer fans on 1 side and extra holes at the top to vent. I have a heater placed outside the box on the fan side to keep the temp up. My environment stays between 74-82 degrees and 30-40 humidity.

The ladies pictured are the 6 females I got from a 13 random seed pop. They are planted in 2 gal fabric pots in Roots Organic Lush soil amended with perlite, rice hulls, and biochar. I’m feeding them the Roots Organic liquid grow and bloom. And since week 2 flower they have been getting Roots Terp Tea. I alternate between the two for watering a with the occasional water only mixed in. The small space and small pots make for a lot of watering and almost daily defoliating ( I fear PM more than I fear smaller buds from less leaves)  the size is hard to see but all of the plants are under 1 foot tall. Took LST, topping, pinching, and a net to keep them small enough for the box

But all in all I dare say these ladies are doing ok and very soon I may well be smoking some homegrown dank my friends! Any suggestions are welcome if you can think of anything else I could do to push these girls to the limit. Smoke On!