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Hey what up dude, Scotty and dgc. So I live in a area where there is a lot of dust and shit in the air so insted of using a expensive carbon filer to filter your air Goin in well I’m hear to show you what I did. So a 4 inch carbon filter of Amazon cost me 60 Bucks this way 15 buck.

List of supplys

1. 18 gallon tote

2. 4 inch duct to duct attachment (or whatever size you need)

3. A house air filter, one that will fit on top of your tote think I did the 20×25

4. And what Rednecks love the most DUCTTAPE

Simple process cut a hole in the side of the tote to your desired size place the duct to duct connecter in the hold put some duct tape around it to seal it off, then just connect it to your fan set the filter on top and there should be enough suction to keep the filter on top.

So insted of replacing a carbon filter you just need to replace the home filter I only paid 8.88 for my filter and it says it last for 3 months so that’s only 40 bucks a year depending on how long the filter will last me.

Stay green.