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sorry about the crap video upload attempt yesteryear, this one may actually work!

Anyway, as DGC, I’m happily obligated to report back my time in the field. I really wanted to show some folks how super easy and cheap it was to throw together a light deprivation schedule outside this year. Alright, I know, it’s totally ghetto, but for what it’s made of and the little bit of time I had to make it, it’s absolutely effective.

Next year’s grow will definitely be maxed out with 4 monster plants in a hoop house built right where the sun hammers nails all day, using the same light dep walls, maybe modified a bit, likely. Same 7:00-7:00 schedule. I’m also gonna hugel mound that shithead rose bed into hugel mound boxes, blah blah blah.

Much love to the DGC! Thanks Dude & Scotty for all your invaluable input and all the dope dope content!

Dude, I’ve been listening back from the beginning and aside from how totally different the show was, your grow style has totally changed as well. I’d like to know if you could remember what your go-to organic soil recipe was back then and why.
Also, Dude, I’d love love love for you to go back into the art of hand water and what’s appropriate, efficient, and what not to do when hand watering our favorite plants. Feel free to pepper in some tips regarding organic soil watering….
Scotty, and Dude, do you still sell your gold foil bags and your bubble bags at RealGrowers? I can’t seem to find your particular bubble bags on Amazon. But then again, I smoke lots of weed, so…

Thanks a million DGC!
Overgrow the nation!