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Hi! Just to get past all the warm and fuzzies, you guys kick ass! That’s why I’m here! I’ve watch a ton of your videos and have used a lot of your advice in my grow.

I’m a disabled Army Veteran from Illinois and we finally have been allowed to grow our own. We get a massive 5 plant limit…and you thought toilet paper rations were bad at the moment.  Anyhow,  so I’ve done a lot of studying on how to grow before I started growing.  Needless to say, we never stop learning. Lights are a huge part of a grow. Found that out the quick way. I’m currently using 2 vander 2000w led blurple lights in my 4×8. They cover each plant ok ish. I followed about 4 different grow techniques to achieve what I have pictured below.  I have 2 purple punch plants that I’ve super cropped and lst’d out. The sides of my bush are getting a decent amount of light, but all in all could be a lot better!

I’ve looked at about everything and have studied a lot from what Utah State University has online about horticulture and lighting. They have worked with NASA for like 40 years or so. After reading what they’ve figured out, I’ve found that the 2 main lights people are racing about, the hlg550 or sf4000, are a series behind in diodes. The Budget Led has a DIY that has Samsung series 3 lm301h diodes which have the deep reds more intense reds and also UVA’s as well as all of the other whites that the series 2 were so well known for…ie the lm301b.

My question, have you looked into these at all? I cant find shit on them!! I have found more facts about how Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself than I have on these lights. They look fn amazing and they come in at 600 diy, 700 if you’re lazy and never put models together as a kid and need a real man to put your light bulb together for you for 100 bucks. Sorry, did I mention I’m a Veteran?

Anyhow, I’d truly appreciate your thoughts and advice. I’m looking at the big boy, 480 mean well with 4 light panels and 2 of them for my 4×8. I tried cheating out in the beginning on lights and I already had to replace 2 of the 3 I bought. Thank god for Amazon returns! But I’d rather have something reliable. Like the Chinese Harley’s of lighting. Ya know?

I appreciate your time! Rock on dudes & smoke one for me!