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Here’s a lil video rundown of how I’m doing my grow using light deprivation for that sweet sun grown cannabis.
A few things I left out: the weedblocker material is super available and averages about $25-$35 per 3 ‘ to 4′ x 50′ or 100’.
Pretty cheap. I did use a fucking lot of gorilla tape and that shit ain’t cheap. Also, I put down a brick on each corner to make the thing semi-taught when I roll down for the night.
This thing is super cheap ghetto light-dep, but as you can see, it’s totally working, pimp mode. Next year’s crop will be in a hoop house using these same walls likely modified a bit. The goal is to not have to move these ladies around the yard!
Anyway, I hope you guys approve and hopefully it helps someone trying to figure some shit out. Much love DGC!