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Hey guys posted this onto Instagram and got asked by a fellow DGC @Litngrn to share on grow hacks. Figured since this did end up working out nicely and hasn’t broken the hair straightener yet i would share. The vise grip i got is from harbor freight for 17$ its a small 2lb desktop grip that vacuum seals to a flat surface. It does work but it needs to be clean. Like very clean. I got a few pieces of shake under it and it wouldn’t stick. Anyway the hair straightener was from walmart. Its an Andis brand with low setting of around 200-210 degrees. I haven’t found the sweet spot yet with it but maybe sharing it with you guys we can all experiment and see what timing works best. Also i know its better to probably use a legit press, but i haven’t been able to find one for under $200 that would be worth it.

The setup for this thing is very simple. You need to get the same vise grip i used. it has a 360 degree head that can spin so it will fit your straightener and can be used on left or right side. The straightener is up to you. My wife had one laying around but its lowest temp was 300F and it was turning my flower into sap. This seems to do the trick on the lowest setting and its 17$ so if it breaks when applying too much pressure i wont be out $200. I use the turn handle on top to start applying pressure and go until I can hear the sizzle and start seeing it ooze. Once i see the ooze i back off the press and wait maybe 2-3 seconds and ill get a nice bit of rosin. I am able to press the same bud about 2-3 times each getting a good return. This will take some time to do a lot but for some personal concentrates this is great. Grab a few mesh bags or pressing bags so you don’t get flower in the mix. I ordered some today and will use that along with all the kief I have accumulated from these past harvests. I’ll post some pics below of it all.
Stay irie friends