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Materials Needed ; Oxygen pump, Styrofoam Yogurt Container, a Tack and 2 Clear Plastic cups.

Tools Needed: Scissor’s and a Knife.

First cut the Styrofoam into the shape of your Container. Next cut a Split for your pump Hose then extent the Split to the center for you cutting to rest in.

Second grab your to clear plastic cups an cut off one of their bottoms( flip the other cup upside down an tack the Cut bottom to the center. mark your cut lines on the Cut bottom. remove then mark you Dome top with matching lines.) poke holes with the tack on other side of the Cut bottom. CUT IT.

Third use a Plastic cup to measure an then make a small cut in its shape. Being careful not to cut all the way through to fit your Dome to the Styrofoam snugly.

Assemble An Enjoy!!!