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SLOW RELEASE LADY BUG HOME Will still have Lady bugs at the end of Flower

Really easy to put together only a few items needed besides the Lady Bugs

1) MONDI Clone Dome and Tray (any Maker clone dome and tray will work i am sure)
2) Sponge, Natural is best. Make SURE its NOT scented or Any Chemical cleaner in it
3) Box of Raisins
4) Jar Lid or Medicine bottle cap to hold Raisins, they get sticky and messy and this is easier to remove
5) 8 or so paper clip clamps (dollar store) used to hold Dome Lid Down. If not the ladys will slip out under the lid

Just wet the Sponge and fill the Jar Lid with raisins, open Lady Bug Container, best to keep in fridge until ready
that way they are not awake and moving (they wake up fast) Empty Lady bugs in tray, place Dome on top and
secure with The Paper clip clamps. Open only 1 of the top air vents just a little. You may want to only open
it for a few minutes a day to control the amount in your tent a little better.

I adjusted the top air vents to make things tighter since the lady bugs were squeezing through last time and
think this will now work better.

I also used a HOT Paper Clip to put a bunch of holes in the DOME for Air. Used a Pair of Pliers to hold IT once

Oh the Sponge is there Water source and will need to be kept moist
the Raisins are there food source but get old and sticky so need to changed at least once a week
or you will run the risk of attracting ANTS. I change the raisins and wet the sponge once a week.

Just before the lights come on is best Time to open dome, they are less active in the dark and you have a few
minutes after the lights come on to open and change things before they are all over the lid.
Oh yea its a good idea to kinda tap the whole unit down a few times to get all the lady bugs to
be in the tray before you open it.


Last run I found its best to have the sponge directly under the vent, this way all I had to do to wet the sponge
was slow drip the water in the vent and it would fall on the sponge, No need to open until raisins need replacement.

Good Idea to add a bunch of Sticks and Twigs to give the lady bugs a place
to hide from the heat when the lights are on, I keep the home in the tent so the heat from the lights can be harsh

As you can see I used the lid from the Lady Bug container (has air holes) cut to fit the top round openings and glued in
place for a tighter fit, the lady bugs can squeeze under the loose original vent.