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Hey all,

I figured I’d do a little write upon the DIY trimmer I built a couple weeks ago.

I have been researching trimmers online for quite some time and one finally caught my eye.


I grow perpetually, which means once a month I find myself trimming. I really don’t mind trimming, this is my hobby, and i love it. However, after 11 hours and no one to help, i sometimes find myself looking for other options.

This tumble trimmer seemed to be a pretty cool option, it seemed to be a really good mix of efficiency and quality. Plus, a already dry trim, so it seemed to be perfect match, however the lowest retail price for a unit is $899, and I found myself wondering if it could even work without a blade. So I built one myself, and I worked great. I was fucking impressed to say the least. I didn’t throw my top colas in there but I did trim a little less than a pound of bud in less than 2 hours from the drying rack to the storage jar. Basically, I cut some 14” circles out of some particle board from the garage, screwed and glued a dowel in the middle, stapled the mesh I ordered from Memphis Net and Twine to the spool I created and used the sticky sided Velcro to create a flap. Then I made a handle and a spindle out of some black ½” plumbers pipe and flanges from home depot. Lastly, I drilled some holes in a home depot storage tote.

Budget: $60

Growers Storage tote- $10- home depot-

(4) ½” black pipe 3.5 and 4.5” pieces- $10

(2) ½” pipe thread flanges- $13

(1) 1” dowel- $4

(2) 14” diameter X ¾” thick particle board circles- -Free, had some scrap in the garage)

(1) piece of 2’x10’ delta netting with 3/8” hole from Memphis net and twine- $11 See link below


(1) roll of  30 inches of sticky sided Velcro. $10

Assorted Screws


Staple gun

1-1/4” hole saw


Jig saw

Wood glue

In the future I may add some type of screen on the bottom of the tote with a nested tote to catch the kief instead of having to scrape it all out and separate it. Also, ½” netting may work better, I did have to pick out some left-over leaves that got trimmed off but were too big to fall through the holes. Thanks, Heypeterman

Here are the pictures and a video of it working. Video


img_1238 img_1236

img_1240 img_1229

img_1228 img_1239

img_1227 img_1226