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Hey all,

You guys have any info on suggested DLIs of a CO2 enhanced autoflower during different stages of it’s life? Perhaps any links to studies or books that talk about the subject? I’m aware the DLI of any plant is going to be growth stage, condition, and strain dependent, but I’d be happy to learn more about generalities of the function or specific values in particular scenarios.

I’m currently running an autoflower in flower with passive organic CO2 supplementation at a DLI of 45. I tried contacting the breeder but they wouldn’t give me any information in regards to growing conditions, so I am left wondering about optimal DLI (among other things). Since it is infeasible for me run a series of controlled tests where I implement various lighting schedules, intensities, and conditions as see which group grows best, I’d like to know how to determine the best DLI schedule for my plant/conditions.

I assume there should be a scenario where all other factors have been optimized and an increase in DLI would provide no further improvements to growth. This point throughout all stages of growth is the line that I would like to find.  Is there a comprehensive guide that I can follow? Is there a way that I can easily determine this empirically?   Should I just increase the DLI until I see an issue with the plant and then back off? I imagine this method would probably only produce decent yields the second time around due to all the stress in the first grow. I’m open to any input you guys have.

Also, am I correct in assuming that so long as you don’t burn a plant with too high of a PPFD that equal DLIs are equivalent regardless of day length/intensity?