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Hey y’all I’ve listened to every episode since I found you guys back in June. I started my first grow in July. It was out door and was some what successful. My major problem was pests. Anyways decided to step it up and do indoor. Got me a 4×4 tent, 2 AC infinity fans and a QB 480 watt LED . This grow has been a lot of trouble for me and I cant figure out what’s the matter.

I’m running autoflower under 18/6 lighting. 3 gallon pots with happy frog soil. Using mega crop nutes at 440 ppm, cal-mag 3 ml per gallon and fish shit 3 ml per gallon. My schedule is water, feed, water and that’s every 3 days so actual feed is 6 days in between. pH at 6.3. Lights are 24 inches and at day 50. Anyways my plant looks like crap. Thinking possible phosphorus deficiency on the one. The second plant has looked like this for 4 weeks. I’m frustrated by this grow and looking for any help and advice.