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Hey DGC,
Hope everyone is doing great after this crazy snow storm.ย  I just got a Pulse PRO and been playing with it using the Par and Spectrum graphs. In the Featured Picture my lights are at 80% brightness (@450Watts) using the Optic Slim 600H. My Par for the back plant Spectre is 1100umols@13″ from light, front right Gorilla Cookies 700umol@22″ from light and bottom left Lemon Jedi OG 540umol@30″ from light and my CO2 stays at 500-600ppm with temps at 74-76F with around 50-55% RH.

My plants seem to be happy with no nutrient def., so I want to maximize my potential as i have used CO2 once 15 years ago but it was Mushroom Bucket that pumped out CO2 from a Hydro store but didn’t see much using it.ย  I grow in a 4×4 tent in my Game Room/Bedroom so is it worth getting a CO2 tank and regulator(also read it can explode, leak and cause death so kinda scary), or are those CO2 bags better.ย  I have 75$ per month in extra money after buying everything for my grow.

Thank you for any help