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All organic grow inspired by the discussions on the Dude Grows show over the last couple years.

First year grow for me was Foxfarm and bottles which only produced a passable harvest and some disappointment along the way. After consideration I decided to try an all Organic grow with Blumat drippers watering blended soil without the need for nutrients added. I used Compost tea and Optic Foliar in veg . Mammoth P during all the grow.  The recipe followed was on my KIS organics package of amendments and was all i needed to get started. I mixed all my ingredients 60 days before planting and watered them in to activate the microbes. I used RECHARGE of course and throughout the grow, up until last 2 weeks. The watering system and the following of a VPD chart ( as best I could) during the grow day and night helped me produce some really nice buds. Sticky and Icky but smoother now after 30 days in a jar. I used a KIND XL1000 LED that includes UV B light. 5 x 5 Gorilla Grow tent. One Do si Dos produced 4.2 OZ of quality buds. Next grow I shoot for 1 lb under this light. I just need 4-5 healthy producers like the Do Si dos.

Thanks Canuk Seeds this strain is a winner in my book.