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Hey DGC, after a month or so of getting the gear and the space ready i am ready to pop my seeds. I plan on starting my seeds in beer cups and transplanting up to 3 gallon fabric pots for their finishing pots. My question is can i start my seeds in a seed starting soil like light warrior and then transplant to promix or sunshine #4? Or do i need to start in the soilless mix i intent to finish in. I want to be able to feed lightly as soon as they are ready and scale up as the plants get bigger but im not sure if feeding in a soil like light warrior will be overkill or not, i am worried about any kind of transplant stress that would happen going from soil to soilless when i transplant. I plan on using veg+bloom products and i bought my recharge, thanks for the discount!

I also used the discount code and saved some cash on my hlg550. I plan on using this light for the entire life cycle of my plants. With my seedlings, should i adjust the height of the light itself? Or should i keep the light at the top of my tent and adjust the dimmer accordingly?

Thanks for the knowledge, the savings and for the entertainment, i listen everyday and i cant wait to kill it.