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Hi from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Gotta say, your positive thinking is infectious to the point that I’ve made emulating that attitude a new years resolution. That goes beyond cannabis and just being a good human. Thank you.

Last summer was my first time growing now that it’s legal in Canada and I bought my first tent in the fall.

My question is equipment related. I have a 4×4 with 4 plants – two Super Silver Haze and 2 Blue Cookies – testing synthetic nutrients versus organic growing. The tent is in my basement furnace room. Ambient room Rh is just below 50%.

During veg I had the 6″ intake fan and carbon filter off because it was sucking all the humidity out. Just a clip fan and humidifier were on maintaining about 65% Rh.

Now, I just flipped the girls to flower and know the skunk smell is coming so turned the fan on low and yet again it sucks so much air out, it keeps the Rh at the room ambient 50% (also blows the heat right out!) and I know I shouldn’t have a cold dry environment for early flower.

Do I have too big of an intake fan at 6″ in a 4×4 and need to downsize or can you throw me a grow hack to fix this issue?

Thanks and all the best success in the year to come.