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Hello Dudes!

I have been listening to the show for a few months and I love it! Love the vibe and the Peeps. I also just signed up for Patreon to help out a bit. I can’t wait to attend the Friday 420 group on Discord. I’m in Canada and have been growing for 2 seasons now. I had 2 very successful outdoor grows, and 1 not too bad indoor grow last winter.

I am currently growing 2 photos in a 2×3 tent in 5G fabric pots filled with soil. I believe the genetics are good, I bought the seeds from Quebec Cannabis Seeds. Growing a Fruity Pebbles OG and a Master Kush. Both strains had great reviews on the website.  There is a humidifier in there, and a 4 inch inline to bring in the fresh air. I am usually in the suggested VPD ranges for temp and humidity, no issues there. I also NOW keep track of PAR using the Photone app. It seems to work pretty well keeping me in the ballpark.  I am feeding with Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect Grow, Micro and Bloom, Big Bud and Cal-Mag. I made the flip to flower 26 days ago as of when the pictures were taken.  I vegged them out for 43 days.

I believe I know what I did wrong but would like some advice on what to do.

I got a new light Mars Hydro TS-2000, I was using a Burple before.  I had the light turned up ways too high 75% I think. Which I believe may have stunted my girls. After 2 weeks in a solo cup, I saw roots coming out the bottom so I thought it would be best to transplant them. I put them in 1-gallon pots, but the root system was not very well developed. I think my soil may have been a bit hot too, as it came with some nutes in it already. I topped them at the 3rd node 23 days in even though the plant was still like 2 inches tall. But I wanted them small as my tent is only 5 feet, and I have no idea bout stretch with these 2 new strains. A few weeks later into the 5 gallons they went, roots looked much better. When I flipped they did not stretch very much at all, they are only about 10 inches high now.

My questions are,

Is the juice gonna be worth the squeeze? I would hate to grow them out for 6 more weeks just to get a few grams of bud. Would you keep growing them or start over? So many times I wanted to just start over.
Since they are so small should I scale back on the feeding? I am now feeding the recommended amount on the labels.

I hope this was not too confusing.  Keep up the great work.