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Hello DGC,

Hello from Missouri. I want to buy your UVB Light(75% UVB and 25% UVA output) 24 Watt to put it in the middle of my Optic Slim 600H led, but I’ve been reading on the dangers of it. I have a grow tent 4 x 4 in my bedroom, the side vents stay open when lights are on and closed when lights are off. So I’m going to use this in the middle of my light cycle 12/12, am gonna use it for 30 min to 2 hrs on per day, for the last 2-3 weeks before harvest. I understand I should not be in my room or turn the UVB off when I do go in my grow space.

What’s stopping me from buying UVB is when UVB goes off does UVB or UVA linger in my room or get absorbed in my bedding, clothes or etc making it dangerous after? This might be a crazy question but hope you can help me out.

Stoner Question: If raw eggs give you salmonella, why don’t you get sick from eating Mayo or salad dressing which has raw eggs in it? Thank you, ‘Y’all Stay Baked my Couch Potatoes.