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I love the DGC. But I have to say I’m a little perplexed here. There are like 4 DGC guides for photography. There are 0 for drying and curing.

I love spreading grow knowledge and helping as many as possible to grow their own medicine, but having the best cannabis in the world won’t mean shit if you dont dry it properly. Think of it this way. You can grow sub par cannabis that your not happy with, and if dried properly you will have a smooth, tastey smoke. However, you can be the world’s best grower but if not dried properly you will have harsh, nasty hay tasting, hay smelling bud.

I think we don’t talk about drying because there is no big flashy equipment that can get you there. Its boring. Just plain old environmentals! But make no mistake, the importance of properly drying and curing cannot be overstated. Weed should taste good!

If ya know ya know, but if ya don’t know, now ya do!

I realize I am offering nothing on the subject. Mostly because I have nothing new to say. Other than the overall importance of this step. Without it, you just wasted 3 months! 🤙🤙🤙