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Hey Dude, Scotty, Guru, Keith🤙🏻 And crew.
Keith was super cool and helped me out on IG. So shout out to you brother 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻 Ok so my first situation and reason for posting; chasing a ghost deficiency as Guru calls it I think. So going through different trial feedings and foliar sprays. I had come to realize that NOTHING was working. And I took it back to basics. I went over all my posts and then thought of a conversation Dirt Man Dan and me had one day about pH. So I know what my pH should be in my reservoir outside my room. Usually about 7.3-6.8. I added some Roots Organics trinity to some water and checked the pH. Knowing in the past what it came out to at that dosage from my journal. I immediately knew something was wrong. My pen was reading 5.5.  When normally it’s at around 6.7. That’s a big jump. So I decided to run my test solution on my pen to see what’s up. And 4 and 7 were both off. So I figured let me calibrate it and check it again. So I did. Still 5.5. Now here’s where my journal came into play. Knowing what my pH normally was and  even in different company bottled waters that I’ve had to use when I did dwc. So I calibrated the pen again and same thing. The I tested two different new bottles again. And same.  So my mind immediately went to my solutions. I noticed each solution had this black build up in the bottom. Now normally I took the solution out into a cap and did it that way but prob like five times throughout the year I just stuck the pen into the solution in the bottle. So lesson learned with that. Have just purchased blu lab pen. So with all this going on. This is a clone that I have now. I just transplanted it from a 1 Gal to a 5.   Just want to make sure I’m not missing anything. Here’s some close ups of the leaves. The soil is roots organics  being fed coast of Maine stonington  blend plant food at 1 tablespoon  a week. Monthly compost tea. And recharge every other watering. With optic foliar sprays every 3 days. My temps are 73F/55% lights  off. 82F/55% lights  on. Under a Hlg 300v1 turned down to 60% at 20 inches.   I hope it’s Bc of pH.  So all in all. If you buy equipment that’s built to last it works out In The end.  I spent 70$ on that pH pen and it lasted like 8 months. If that seeing I’ve been chasing this down for about a month now. But if I just purchased a good named brand one off the rip I would have been good. O well. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks y’all. Much love and respect.