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This may not be news to some but I don’t recall any discussion about it, if it’s been covered accept my apology. I really appreciate the grow community topics and discussion, analysis and recommendations by the trinity. So here is an idea that I like and you can comment on the usefulness of the technique. The specifics of my grow style and parameters don’t really matter to this idea so I am not including that. When I chop a plant for harvest, I take the root ball and soil out of the fabric pot. I then work the soil out until only the root ball is left plus a pile of the original soil. I then do a rough chop of the root ball and reincorporate that plus some additives I like to re amend the soil medium. Makes sense right? The microbes developed from my Recharge/casting regimen from the previous grow are all there and ready to report for work. I have found that the root and stem growth benefits from the head start. The pic included was a northern lights strain with about 60 day veg and  55 day flower. Comments appreciated.