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What up DGC! What’s growin’ on?This is my Dope Rope (Sunset Sherbert x Cherry Pie) in the beginning of week 5. She probably has another 4 weeks to go. This is one of my favorite strains bred by the Marin Cannabis Co. She gives off the smell of a skunky nerds rope candy and the high is very uplifting and creative, but if you smoke too much it will give you some couch lock. This is a strain that when making water hash will turn the water to a beautiful burgundy color. Craziest thing I’ve seen. Grown in a 2 gal bag with Ocean Forest soil, Recharge, and trying out Bloom City Organics for my fertilizer. I have a KingLED 1000 watt light that it is under in a 4×4 tent. When my funds are right I will be getting an HLG light and switching a bunch of stuff around. This was just a tiny test run of the fertilizer. Thanks DGC and hope you enjoy.