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So I’m growing this cut of dosidos again. last time I grew it it Hermed out and popped male flowers  only from the middle of the plant and down .it was almost the places that got the least light.it caused a few seeds through out my room .I had very very minor light leaks that I don’t think would effect it but I guess that’s possible.my temps where around 82 to 85 day temp and 60 to 67 night temp . I had several different strains that grew next to them and didn’t herm out and had no seeds. I’m in eastern oregon and that’s where I got this cut.it is possible it came from bend but not 100% sure. the flower came out super chunky and fire. Was hoping somebody has worked with this cut possibly in my area and knows if this strain/cut is just prone to this .got a bunch of strains I’m doin again sense I got them all to finish at the same time except for the green crack. goin to give this cut of green crack one more try and see it will do better this run. it’s not the same green crack cut I remember that was first landed on the scene in Arcata, CA around 2008ish. Its like some copy cat of greencrack . Not as floppy branching and kinda similar terp profile. I’m excited to run this best coast genetics wilkos whack sense there’s not a lot of grow documentation on it. will also be doing mango Kush, platinum cookies, GG4, cinex, hellfire OG (possibly hell’s angel’s OG). I will keep you updated. hope all is well DGC

Your Fiend,
The kid