Got a 5 gal bucket filled to the rim of what looks like Brim? Splashing all over the place?  Got some wheels but still a mess?    Mix the 5, split with another bucket and stack. The lower bucket is covered by saucer and the top is only half full.    The product reaches the needy without leaving any evidence along the way.       I got this wheel base for 5 bucks at a garage sale. Screwed a saucer on the bottom to keep bucket in place over 2 ramps.  That’s were I really made some messes….. never with this system.    If your gonna garden in your home or a landlords place, be clean.  If you have physical limitations then wheels are a imperative.     CHANGE THE GROWER STEREOTYPE!       RESPECT THE BUILDINGS THAT YOU MANAGE!    I have never seen damage so severe as what can come from lazy slovenly growers.     On the other hand, a mindful considerate growers prove to be wonderful tenants.     The fear of discovery has them in check.    Moral of the story.    Fear appears one of the best motivators.