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What’s up DGC?! I love the show. Keeps me informed and entertained on my way to work every morning. Working on my first grow out here in prohibition land. I’ve got two White Widow feminized seeds in 3 gal fabric pots. I’m at day 10 of flower in a 2×4 tent with two 75w Rapid led pucks and two Kind led 60w red spectrum bars for supplemental lighting. I topped both plants twice earlier in veg and they’re getting bushy with a fairly even canopy. I’ve done a bit of training with stakes and twist ties. Planning on staking and yo-yos to support bud growth as flowering progresses. Both plants are currently about 14 inches tall. Judging from the photo, do you think these plants will get too big to flower in 3 gal pots? Should I transplant to 5 gals even though I’m almost two weeks into flowering? If so, can I just drop the whole 3 gal fabric pot into a 5 gal fabric pot with new soil instead of transplanting? Will roots grow right through? Thanks in advance for the help.