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Hello guys, I’ve been growing for a bit and decided to switch my grow over to coco to stop chasing ppm buildup and pH. I had plants in a 1 gallon pot of Growers Soil (coco/peat/perlite/buffers) and transplanted that into a 3 gallon pot of Plagron Coco and 30% perlite (with the original 1 gallon root mass of Grower’s  Soil).

Prior to transplant the plants were getting watered every day. I then had a little N toxicity (from using Amino Acids) which caused dark leaves and downward Claw. I flushed and treated with low ppm nutes and things seemed ok.

I watered Every-other-day to let the plant grow into the coco. Things seemed fine. All of a sudden the plants started clawing up all over but they weren’t dark green. I thought “over watering” and let the plants go 2 days without watering but the issue got worse… maybe it wasn’t enough time?

Everyone keeps saying I’m under watering (not watering frequently enough – multiple times a day etc)… I’m thinking I’m over watering and I’m not sure what to do. Can you guys help?

Thank you!

1.) Mills Nutrients

2.) Tap Water

3.) pH 6.0

4.) 400-500 ppm (runoff is the same going in as it is coming out)

5.) temp 79-80F deg

6.) humidity 50%