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Hi Dudegrows ,

as a newbie to your channel and growtalk i have to thank you and anybody here who answered my previeous questions …and even my thoughts and ideas i never asked anybody and gets aswered trough your shows.

Big respekt for all your work and knowledge you share here from somwhere in europe..

Let’s start my question with a little novelle:

If you like to jump right to the question please scroll down to the dotline !

..if not, please feel free and let me waste your time…

2 month ago i visited Amsterdam for two days to explore strains, taste and to figure out witch strain i wanted to grow in nearer future for my own medical purpous as a patient .

I was by my own with one clear target..rush trough the city, visit all your favourite Seedbanks,smoke all their weed i’m interrested in and compare/taste/see the product and figure out witch one to  choose…

Hooked on heavy indicas and the new taste of  CookiesKush from Barneys i expierenced at home from a friend i was looking for the original GirlScoutCookies and other fruity tasty maybe similar or heavier hitters..

..long story short, i met an italian guy, we couldn’t talk shit but smoked the hell out of the town having incredible funny times, lots of laughts and both of us buying about 15-20 different strains, sharing and comparing it..

We ended up in the same youthhostle sharing a 8 bed room with others.

Fucked up and pretty heavy medicated we ended our day at about 2am.

Next day we woke up at 9 packed our stuff and went out for breakfast and a final coffeeshop tour till afternoon ( i had to leave Amsterdam by bus at about 5pm).

We had a good breakfast and i wanted to go to Barneys to get the Cookieskush witch i liked a lot and tried the day before again.

We arrived and i told the budtender that i never had a really clear and uplifting strain and i really wanted to try one half loaded from the night before…

He sold me :”Dr. GRINSPOON”

It was something i never expierenced EVER IN MY ENTIRE LIVE  before.

We had a light hungover in front of an espresso ready to burn 2 joits.

We lit up and after two tokes my eyes opened up like they wanted to pop out of my head, i felt incredible clear, awake, uplifted and like i never smoked weed my entire live, forgettig to smoke a joint…

I turned over to the italian guy and he had exact the same reaction..

It was insane, colors beautiful, lights bright, nothing too much or psychadelic…it was just uplifting, clear and it ended incredible soft,leaving you energetic and uplifted for the rest of the day!!

….after finishing the joint we had to smoke the heaviest, hardest stuff we got right after that..

It was too clear!!! Iiiiiiincreeediiiibleeee!!!


Now my question:

..after some serious strain searching and a shitload of luck i foud “The big book of buds”

Here are pictures/description of an SWAZI strain and it seems to be very familiar to DR GREENSPOON.

Had anyone expierienced one of this strains??

Is it really that heavy to grow or is it the long period that makes it hard to grow like in the prescription says???

Can i get somwhere SWAZI ??????

Is it needet to sell my soul for it and does it matters that it already belongs to my wife…???

Please help me out!!

Excuse my poor english and long novels.

Thanks a lot for your time from Brainwash Special Enterprises