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Hey DGC,

Finally made to harvest with my first run of photos. Had several auto runs under my belt and then was foiled by spider mites on my first run of photos at week 6 of flower. With the DGC’s guidance, I was able to eradicate them and salvage the soil in my 70 gallon no till bed. Thanks DGC, couldn’t have done it without you.

My IPM was on point this go around and I’m super pleased with this run. Grown in Coots mix made with  pumice, worm castings, sphagnum peat moss and my own compost. I used a Blumat drip irrigation system connected to a 60 gallon res. Nutrients were Gaia Green dry amendments and of course weekly watering with recharge.

Environment managed with 2 AC Infinity T4’s, one as an intake ducted to a window unit AC and the other managing exhaust. AC unit and dehumidifier controlled by Inkbird smart Wi-Fi controllers to keep everything nicely dialed in.

Thank you to you 3 and the entire DGC for providing so much great content and guidance along the way.

East Coast Chronic