This is day 34 of flower. 4th plant of 4 in my 4×8. This grew extremely vigorous from the getgo. It is in a 20gal 640w lm301h and I have 4x20w poopy blurbples daisychained. I NEED MORE POWERRRR! This plant alone could handle 1000w easy but it is sharing a space in mah tent. It smells like brief pineapple frontnotes then cut off by a citrus cleaner. This is my only rational description. I topped a lot on early veg and it just wanted to grow horizontal. I am growing 4 to document unknown genetics as there is nothing about the plant information. So I am growing to test out hype or not with a valid non bias. I have pushed my plants more than the recommend recommendations. Plants can take a lot with a great environment. I believe in carbon in the soil vs the unnecessary co2. I have recycled my soil for about 8 grows now.  constantly want to push and learn, always try new methods. I give my plants humic, folvic along with organicbooster, flower2, fishsh!t, miicrobial mass. I can only push so much with the limitations I have and always try to achieve 100%. Your mentorship taught me how to grow and I am very thankful to grow beautiful dank. Cheers from smokyAlberta    Dude and Scotty much love