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In my case, I dry in a vivosun tent with a humidifier. I learned the hard way with 2 different harvests that you NEED to slow dry your flowers. I had my buds dried to almost crisp edges in 2.5- 3 days. temps were 74-78 and RH was 40-50. I fucked up with those readings so now I’m trying a humidifier in the tent to keep RH between 50-58% and temps 68-72 I would love to keep the tent cooler, but with my grow closet in the same room the ambient room temp gets to around 76 degrees with fans pulling into my attic. I am on day 3 of curing some Kush Doctor, and the first hit is great, i can taste the terps and all, the second hit (in my glass bowl) it started tasting like ass…then from every hit after it was a bit harsh and didn’t taste like weed at all?? I grind my buds before smoking and they smell great, the taste though? I don’t know if the pics will help. but do you think i need more cure time or did they dry to fast (which i know they did) and they are pretty much fucked. I mean i get high from it. A good head high and if anything can i make coconut oil with it if i cant fix the taste? Thanks for any help guys