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Hey DGC!

Stoned thought to run past the dude(s), the REALests and those gurus out there in grow land. I was considering drilling holes, maybe ¼”-½”, around the perimeter lip of my 4×4 flood trays to increase airflow through the canopy. Somewhat similar to how convection tubes work.

A little about my grow setup: (1) 4×8 & (1) 4×4 tents passively allowing air from (2) 4″ dryer hoses down below and exhausted from the top into (1) 8″ inline fan blowing into a large carbon filter, when zipped up my tents are sucked in like corsets tight against the edge of the trays. I considered putting spacers between the tray and the tent walls but thought holes would be easier and more beneficial. My flood trays are propped up on upside down 5gal and the air underneath is cool but possibly a little stagnant, haven’t crawled under and smoked a joint yet but I get the feeling it would linger down below.

Thanks for all the shows, better than Netflix!