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Lilac Diesel week 6 now in flower, my how time flies😁. Sticky,sticky,sticky.

Special shout to Scotty and Real Growers Recharge, truly an added edge against

“Non Recharged” 😱weed👊

LED 1600 true watts over a 7×10 canopy. California Lightworks Solar Storms with UVB and (Emerson) Sunrise, sunset programs via the Cal lightworks controller.

Coco 50%, Perlite 30%, F.F Ocean Forest 20%, amended with Recharge Mammoth P, Bat Guano and Worm Castings.

Nutes: Down to Earth organic top dress, Botanicare CaMAg, Oysters shells. Recharge and Mammoth P every other watering. Light Recharge every feeding vs one big dose. In flower, for stretch I added down to earth Bio Fish 772 first week and laid off the N… Langbeinite, Advanced Nutrients Big Bud week 3 through 5 and onto A.N Overdrive last few weeks. Azomite, Blackstrap Molasses as a sweetener.

Special shout out to my Discord DGC growmies❤ Much love to you all for helping us get the med grow off the ground, truly a Canna community!!

Last Pic is of the bottom of her fans🔥🔥trim destined for the Magic butter Maker🤘