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I want to start by thanking you guys and the DGC for all the wonderful content and grow knowledge. I feel that your show has helped me tremendously. Especially living in Prohibition land. So my Concern is I moved my plant from a I power 2×4 with A mars Hydro TS 600 light. A infrared heater to maintain temperature and a AC infinity 6 inch fan system to monitor and control the environment. Also a small humidifier, two smaller fans and three exhale co2 bags. Feed schedule is quarter strength nutrients at the beginning of the week and water every other day with RO water. Nutrients are GH and I pH at 6.5-6.8 Also I’m adding Recharge and cal-mag with the nutrients all at 1/4 strength except Recharge is full. I try to keep the humidity between 50-60 and the temp between 78-80.

I move the entire system over to a 4 x 4 gorilla grow tent lite. I also upgraded the light to a HLG 550 v2 rspec.
so since I moved into the new grow tent with light the plant became droopy even though I’ve tried to maintain the system to the exact same as it was in the 2×4. This has been going on for a week now. Also now I’m starting to see little random Brown spots on the leaves. Not sure if this is a calcium deficiency but I’m trying to identify it properly now before it gets out of control. thank you for any help you guys can offer I look forward to more of your shows every day! It drives my girlfriend crazy Lol. Thanks again