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Hey growmies. I’m back in the grow and back in the DGC😎 I’ve changed pace and started a perpetual auto flower grow in my 6×3. I couldn’t afford nice lighting for the whole tent, so I have an HLG 260r spec, on one side, and a cheap blurp to start the plants. It’s been a blast! However I have 1 black berry auto from fast buds growing. I grew 2 the last run and they were healthy and very resilient purple plants. This one has really droopy sugar leaves. I’m using the same build a soil 3.0 with water and Recharge only. The lighting, environment has basically been identical to the last plants. Any idea what I’m doing wrong with this or could it just be a weak pheno? Thanks again to everyone. Not having any friends who grow, the DGC makes me feel apart of something and for that.. thanks friends❤️