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So right now ive decided to tone down all my ideas. I want to focus more on simple growing. But now I want to step things up a little bit by adding gh florablend “vegan plant boosta” and calmag (bottles I let collect dust) along side with my dry admendments im using from TGSC’s Earth Dust. Im still a very fresh new grower so I dont know if it’ll do more harm than good by adding all those ingredients mixed together? Heres some pictures of the garden by the way (my whats growing on) hope you like it ive got a gdp/pk in flower day 13, a lavender in veg about day 60-61 and 2 caramelicious autos which I forgot what day its on which im getting ready for outdoors. All ive been using is water from water dispenser at work and Recharge. Good growing guys Salamatpo.