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Hey guys! So far in my grow I have used 75% dr earth 4-4-4 all-purpose dry amendments and 25% dr earth flower girl 3-9-4 dry amendments. Recently I’ve been reading about liquid nutrients and I was wondering if you can use a mix of both dry amendments and liquid nutrients. Also, I have been growing with dry amendments (that I previously mentioned) in soil with mycorrhizae and using liquid seaweed from blue planet nutrients. Is this considered an organic grow? I here people like Mr. Canucks use the term organic grow when growing in a similar fashion but I’m a bit confused as to why dry amendments are any different from liquid nutrients except for the means of delivery. Unless of course I am missing something, perhaps the ingredients in dry amendments are organic but not so in liquid nutrients…? I should also note that I’ve only been using half the recommended dose of my nutrients because im growing autoflowers. Thanks for your input as always guys!

*I’ll post a pic of my babies below but they are looking a little sick because I just dealt with a big caterpillar and aphid problem( and whatever those black critters are under the leaves) We have every bug you can think of here in FL. I hit it with some cinnamon and just got some neem oil.