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Dry herb vaporizers are ideal for pot smokers who are just stepping into vaping. We take an in-depth and check out dry herb vape, what they are, how they work, and the way to properly use them.

 If ever we want to undertake vaping cannabis, then a dry herb vaporizer is ideal. Unlike concentrated vapes, dry herb vaporizers are designed to be used with herbs only, allowing us to enjoy all the advantages of smoking weed, only without a smoke.

 What Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Vaporizers run by heating and evaporating the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis without combusting it. Moreover, because the name suggests, dry herb vaporizers are designed to vaporize unprocessed herbs and other plant matter only. While regular vaporizers are usually designed to vaporize concentrates like wax, shatter, crumble, or co₂ extracts (found in vape pens).

How Do Dry Herb Vaporizers Work?

Vaporizers use either conduction or convection heating to show cannabinoids and terpenes into vapour.

  • Conduction vaporizers use heating components to transfer heat to the weed via direct contact. To raise understanding on how this works, imagine how we cook an egg in a frying pan; the warmth from the stove heats the pot, which then cooks the egg via direct contact.
  • Convection vaporizers, on the opposite hand, work more like convection ovens therein they circulate hot air around the weed. In doing so, they continuously and evenly heat the herbs, allowing the compounds within to evaporate without combusting.

Parts Of The Dry Herb Vape


Most portable vaporizers need a battery to work. Many modern vapes accompany lithium-ion batteries since they are rechargeable and offer high energy density, a slower rate of self-discharge than ni-cad or nimh battery cells, and a variety of other advantages. Vape batteries can either be attached or removable, depending on the model.


The chamber is where we place the herb. Older vapes had chrome steel chambers, but the latest devices use ceramic houses as they heat faster, retain heat better, and do not affect the flavour of the weed. Some vape manufacturers also are beginning to use quartz chambers. While they take a touch longer to heat, quartz chambers are the simplest at retaining the natural flavour of the weed.


The mouthpiece is where we draw vapour from the chamber into the mouth. Various vapes can have very different mouthpieces, and it is essential to require the time to seek out one that suits us. Tapered or tubular mouthpieces tend to be the foremost comfortable. However, their length can make it a touch harder to inhale. Flat mouthpieces do not have this problem, but they will be a bit less comfortable. For max flavour, consider investing during a vape with a glass mouthpiece over silicone.

How To Use A Dry Herb Vaporizer

Using a dry herb vaporizer is pretty straightforward. Moreover, while each vape is different, the subsequent steps apply to most models.

Read through the instruction manual: the vape features a manual for a reason. Before we start, confirm to offer it a fast read to find out the specifics of the particular make and model of a vaporizer.

Charge The Vape

Most vapes on the market accompany USB chargers. For a faster charge, and to preserve the life of the lithium battery, always charge the vape fully by connecting it to a wall adaptor instead of a PC. Also, let the vape run out of battery completely the first 2–3 times to employ it and calibrate the battery and preserve its longevity.

The Burn-Off

This step is not usually included in the vape’s handbook, but it is super important because it helps clear the vape of any residue which will be left in its chamber from manufacture or storage. After we have charged the vape, confirm its chamber is empty, clear it from visible particles, turn it on, and let it heat to its highest setting. Repeat this process 2–3 times to assist burn off any residue within the chamber.

Prepare The Herb 

Big chunks of the herb will not vaporize properly, so we will want to grind the weed to a medium-fine consistency, giving it a more significant, more even area. This may allow the vape to supply better hits full of all the cannabinoids and terpenes we would like.

Pack the chamber: for this step, it is best to follow the precise instructions that accompany the vape. Remember never to overpack the chamber, as this will affect the vape’s ability to function correctly.

Preheat The Vape

Almost every vape on the market today features a preheat feature. Confirm to use it to urge the vape up to temp faster and ensure a far better vaping experience.

Set the temperature

When the vape has preheated, it is time to pick the temperature. Some vapes have preset temperature settings while others have a custom temperature dial. Regardless of the case, we will likely need a couple of tries to seek out the setting that suits us best. Most of the people will vape cannabis between 170–220°c.


Once the vape has reached the temperature we chose, it is time to inhale. Remember to require slow, consistent draws for about 3–5 seconds. Also, confine mind that we will get tons more terpenes and cannabinoids out of the weed when vaping, so take one or two hits and wait for a touch to avoid getting too stoned too quickly.