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Hey Dude and Scotty,


I have just completed my third grow out here in Hawaii! I just cut the girls down this morning and immediately realized I had a real-estate problem as I grew (thanks to the DGC show) a lot more herb than I thought I would be able to pull off.

What is the best way to dry the plants; Hang the whole plant up for a few day or go right to drying racks?

Also, I grow in soil outdoors after veging indoors under 13w LED light bulbs and clip on lamps. So far, I have had leaf miners and some sort of mite problem but a local grower gave me a tip that others in the warm climates may use. He said to put the plants next to a wall (rock or otherwise) and let the Geckos eat the bad guys. It worked as when I cut the girls down I found evidence of mite infestations underneath some of the fan leaves but as a whole the plants looked great and my Gecko’s are FAT! I am a huge fan of predators especially small dinosaur ones!

Just became a member and you guys rock even all the way down here at the 18 degree latitude Dude!