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Yesterday’s Grow Talk inspired me to share my dry tent set up. A little tweaking and I have been able to hit and hold the 65/60 target for drying cannabis with relative ease.

Equipment needed for this setup includes; A dry tent (3’x3′), folding card table (3’x3′), grow tent, window AC unit, a couple of small fans, 1 gallon+ humidifier, inline fan/filter (250 CFM min), ducting x 2, duck tape (and/or Gorilla) tape. — oh, and a room with relatively consistent sub 60%RH.

I taped the first piece of ducting to the AC unit vent, ensuring good air flow into the bottom of the 3×3 dry tent which is divided, top to bottom, by a folding card table. Under the table we force in cool air from the AC and mix it with the mist from the humidifier.

I set up the inline filter/fan in the larger 5×4 grow tent, evacuating filtered air back into the room at about 55%RH (our house sits in the 40’s 90% of the time). Using the second piece of ducting, I draw cool humid (60%RH) air from under the table through the drying area at the top of the dry tent into the grow tent *Lights on at night keeps RH sub 60 in grow tent, which was jumping at night, alternatively.

After setting AC temp to 65 and humidifier to 60%RH I gave the room a few hours to acclimate I found I was a little warm and a little dry, so I bumped the RH setting up to 65 and the AC temp down to 60°. Since then, I’ve only had to add water and open and evacuate the dry tent for 15 minutes before bed.

HMU at the DGC on Discord with improvements to this basic drying system. — and I couldn’t make it work without the card table – for some reason the 2 chambers in the dry tent seems to be key. Dumb luck and good smoke… I’ll take both!