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Hey DGC have an issue I’ve been trying to figure out for a while now and could use some help and ideas. I have a single room that I run two tents in for perpetual grow. Running two different enviorments in same room was tricky but have got it dialed in great now. I live in the north and winter is here, which means heating season and temp in old house is 70 degrees, this batch is almost done and need to figure out how to get the drying enviorment close to optimal. I have another tent I can use also have a basement to put in another area but even basement is around 70-72 degrees. My problems I haven’t figured out is how to get temp down to 65 degrees in house that’s heated right now and I can’t bring myself to plug in an ac during the winter? There’s only one thermostat for the hole house so can’t change temp in individual rooms and have an ill elderly person who lives with me so can’t drop temp of entire house. Any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated. Grow on DGC!!!