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My Girl scout cookies after drying and trimming. With a busy life working 6 days a week at least 12 hours a day some days more then having 5 kids at home plus a needy wife it’s hard to have time for my grows like I want or even need especially since I just keep adding more grows I could go on and on but we all have our own crazy lives goin on we deal with each day on that note I decided to try dry trimming this round cuz I was limited on time when I harvested and knew it would favor me this time but boy was i wrong… i do have to say i probably have double the flowers i usually do to trim but as far as trimming each bud its definitely a lot easier wet trimming I don’t see much difference in the final product myself or at least not enough to be worth it to trim for 3 days again and I’ve still got a few hours left but on the positive side of it I do have enough smoke it took me over 3 days to trim it so it’s not a bad thing for sure just more time consuming then I want to mess with again.