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I love love love and have even sold a few of these. When dry timing one of the most annoying and fatigue inducing BS is the pile of trim building up under you. My friend a prof. Trimmer asked if I had some wire screen of some sort. She explained that she wanted to have something she could lift up out of the mess. I agreed. Sometimes you just end up being lazy and tossing the smalls in the trim. Digging for morsels after a eye drying session…….not my jam. So as I collect crap had both 1/2 and 1/4. I wanted a clean work space so it was vital to have the larger weave as work surface. The risers spacers whatever, nuts and bolts. With the sides of the bottom screen bent up, I can kind of shake what I have in middle every so often. Then when I am ready to clean out bottom I shake then roll my hand over what is left on screen. If there is any buds even worth smoking you will feel the difference. The wire seems to cut any dry leaf material to shreds. Using my little system leaves my trim really nice and clean also. Also great for getting any bastard seeds out of your sack. That is an embarrassment I can live without. i put some of my foam hose insulation on the side that would possibly come in contact with my skin. Anyhow I put it in my trim bin and others use it on a tray if they don’t like a bin.