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What’s cracking boys. Just finished my first basement grow. It was a roller coaster but in the end the ladies and I came to an agreement and they gave in and gave me something for Christmas. So being in the basement I can’t really climate control the whole space so I have my trees in a box I built kind of putting my own spin hours of mind melting google searches. First can you guys tell me the best conditions and not so best conditions to dry my stash. Also an idea of time I should expect. I would love some feedback if I’m on the right track with my box and maybe a way to get those conditions in it. I put the intake low with a custom damper and the exhaust exits high and is connected to my 2x4tent and is the intake for my garden. I can use the damper to control the flow and my tent exhausts through the filter so no smell. I am gonna keep it at three plants at a time so it’s gonna be a small batch at a time thing so I am hoping that the DGC community has some input so that mine smells and tastes like theirs. Thanks brothers and sisters of the DGC. Peace