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What’s up dudes!

I am currently nearing the end of my very first grow and am so happy to have found the show because you guys have answered so many questions for me!!  The strains came from seeds from a friend. He said they are Purple Punch and one is likely Gorilla Glue but he’s not completely sure.

Now I have a question that I’m getting lots of mixed answers for because everyone’s situation is different.  I am about one week away from harvesting 3 of my 4 plants. Since I’m not harvesting them at the same time I needed to figure out where to dry the crop since I can’t do it in my tent.

I don’t have a room that I can use so I built a drying chamber that is 4’x4’x2′ and still have to put a door on it.  I know I should get a dehumidifier so I can keep the RH between 50-60% but I’m really not sure of how much air exchange I need.  I don’t care about running a carbon filter so I was hoping to avoid buying another inline fan.

My plan was to use a passive air intake near the bottom of the chamber with a small clip fan or usb fan as the exhaust at the top.  Is that sufficient?  And should I also add another small fan inside for circulation?

I’m terrified of drying the buds too fast or having mold develop!!  I will be getting a small dehumidifier with a digital humidistat so I think I should be ready to go once I figure out the ventilation situation.

Thoughts?  Thanks guys