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Hello from Phoenix,

Needless to say it is hot here, daily temps of 100+ with 10-20% humidity. Not much is going to change between now and harvest in October. This is about as hostile as it gets for a fairly successful outdoor grower.

I have done a couple auto runs this season, to make ends meet while my photos are running. Drying time is only a day or two and it is making my efforts harsh.

I am looking at a Cool Cure which claims to be able to dry and cure 2.2 pounds in a sealed environment. It looks like someone threw an iPad on a wine fridge. The price point is $1550 and the product has been around since at least 2019…..yet I don’t see much about it and no reputable grower has reviewed it.

Even with all this being said, I have a drying problem with no available resolution. This is very tempting but feels like snake oil.

Does the DGC have an opinion on such a product or possibly an alternative.

Thanks and take care,

-Ryan Durick
FC Gardenz