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Hey guys, another slight dilemma. I have a 5 outdoor girls that are ready to harvest. 2 of them have mites and aphids, at least. The damage isn’t severe but one of them in particular has a population that is growing. I noticed yesterday that there are some fan leaves that have been heavily populated with mites over just a couple of days time.

I was planning on cutting and hanging them whole, fan leaves and all. Separating off some of the larger branches of course. Now with this issue, I at least need to snap off the fans that are covered in mites. I’m not worried about these plants in general. The mites will crawl up to the top of the hanging stems, then try to escape across the lines. I’ll probably capture most of those with some sticky goo placed on the stem tips and the lines.

The real problem is my indoor girls still have 3 weeks to go. My regular drying room is across the hall from the girls. I’m too worried to risk bringing the infected plants inside at all much less just a few feet away. Those suckers will find them.

Do you guys have any ideas or tips that can help me avoid infesting my indoor girls?

I’ve included a couple pics of my outdoor girls, and a pic of one of my indoor girls i need to protect.

Thanks in advance!

Take care DGC