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Hey Dude, Scotty Real, Guru and DGC family. First off just wanna say awesome job you guys are doing on this show!! You guys rock!! Y’all always give great advise on growing but I feel it’s time y’all do a show on the drying and curing process. I’m failing at that level. I seem to have amazing plants before i chop but after the drying it seems they are so light and airy. Its decent smoke but just wondering if there is anything i can do to help this situation. My parameters when drying is around 72 degrees and i cant seem to get it lower than that its a struggle to get it to that without ac being added. My rh is low tho i live in the desert and just cant seem to get the humidity up past 42. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Much love!! And stay medicated!!

P.S.  cant wait for the DGC cup!!!!