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Hey there, want to make sure my tent heat gets properly exhausted out of the room to keep the ambient where it should be.  So i have a 5×5 630w cmh and a 2×4 t5.  The room is well A/C’d they are in but i need to vent to the attic. I have a well vented attic and will monitor for mold but it should not be a problem. I was thinking of the two first items together with the vent up top screw into ceiling somehow and then the y piece on bottom so i could vent both tents.

The only issue i see is that the vent will be too low in the attic and blow insulation around. I was wanting a way to raise or aim the vent a different way but then that moves the vent which is the part attached to the ceiling.

I don’t have any experience with ceiling holes and ducting so any ideas or things i can buy to make this simple. It needs to exhaust heat into attic for stealth and have a screen or cage in case a varmint ever tries to enter.